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security quiz

Security Quiz is a fun, fast-passed trivia competition for all CSAW finalists and other student teams. It traditionally occurs over two in-person rounds during CSAW Finals in November. This year, there will be 3 unique sessions played on the Mentimeter platform.


Teams are tested on a range of topics related to cyber security, including: Hardware, Malware, Software tools, Reverse Engineering, Web, Recon, Languages, Culture, Forensics, File Systems, Protocols, and Software.

competition timeline

Quiz will run 3 times during CSAW finals. See the CSAW agenda for specific dates and times. 

This is just for fun. Register for the free CSAW Conference & Games to play. 

Play 1 session or play them all.

Play with friends or play individually.

You will need a smart device and access to the Internet to connect to the game platform hosted on Mentimeter. 


competition organizers

Security Quiz is developed by the NYU OSIRIS Lab. 

2019 winners & finalists 

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