This "Best Paper Award" assesses the top scholarly security research from the previous year. The focus of this competition is on research that has a practical impact.  With eligibility limited to already published papers or camera-ready papers, CSAW has a reputation for drawing some of the best security research worldwide. 

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2021 best papers

Congratulations to the paper authors!

competition timeline

Paper Submission Deadline
North America: by 19 August 2022
Europe:            by 25 September 2022
MENA:                by 2 October 2022
Finalist Notification

by 30 September 2022

Actual Competition

by 11 November 2022


2021 finalists 

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2021 final judges


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2021 US-Canada Program Committee 

Committee members who serve as the Qualification Round Judges are listed in alphabetical order by last name. This list is not exhaustive of all committee members. We are grateful for the support of our reviewers, many of whom have been involved in supporting CSAW competitions in previous years. 

Devdatta Akhawe | Figma Inc.

Frederico Araujo | Research Staff Member, IBM Research

Weiteng Chen | University of California, Riverside

Cameron Ballard | NYU Center for Cybersecurity

Animesh Basak Chowdhury | PhD Candidate, NYU Center for Cybersecurity

Ren Ding | Research Scientist, Facebook

Periwinkle Doerfler | Security Engineer, Facebook

Brendan Dolan-Gavitt | Assistant Professor, NYU Center for Cybersecurity 

Paul Giura | Security Researcher (PMTS), AT&T - Chief Security Office

Andrea Denisse Gómez | Software Engineer, Independent Security Researcher, Cerby, Arch Linux

Iman Hosseini | PhD Candidate, NYU Center for Cybersecurity

David Kohlbrenner | Assistant Professor, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington

Eugene Kolodenker | Senior Staff Engineer, Lookout 

Jay Koven | MTS Tvillinger Research

Christian Krieg | TU Wien

Trishank Karthik Kuppusamy | Staff Security Engineer, Datadog

Chris Lamb | Reproducible Builds

Yiwen Li

Maria Isabel Mera Collantes | Google

Shayan Mohammed | PostDoc, University of Texas, Dallas

Marina Moore | PhD Candidate, NYU Center for Cybersecurity

Dimitris Mouris | PhD Candidate, University of Delaware

Soyeon Park | PhD Candidate, Georgia Tech

Hammond Pearce | NYU Center for Cybersecurity

Sai Teja Peddinti | Senior Research Scientist, Google

Theofilos Petsios | Amazon Web Services

Rui Qiao

Sazzadur Rahaman | Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

Brandon Reagen | Assistant Professor, NYU Center for Cybersecurity

Nicholas Renner | PhD Candidate, NYU Center for Cybersecurity

Hossein SiadatiSenior Security Engineer, Datadog Inc.

Octavian Suciu | PhD Candidate, University of Maryland, College Park

Kejsi Take | PhD Candidate, NYU Center for Cybersecurity

Benjamin Tan | Assistant Professor, University of Calgary

Santiago Torres-Arias | Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Tavish Vaidya | Google

Victor van der Veen | Product Security Engineer, Qualcomm

Marc Waldman | Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems Department, Manhattan College

Jianliang Wu | PurSec Lab, Purdue University

Dongpeng Xu | Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire

Xiaokuan Zhang | PhD Candidate, Ohio State University


2022 competition organizers

The Applied Research Competition is independently organized and judged by each global region. 

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2020 best papers

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