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Workshop  Speakers

IC Layout Security

Dates | Thursday 10 November  9 am - 12 pm

Location | 370 Jay Street, Floor 1, "The Garage" 

Speaker |  Ajoy Kumar (Managing Director and CISO)

Topic |  Technology Risk Management (TRM) Program


Speaker | Stephen Tong (Co-Founder)

Topic |  Smart Contract Security 101

Speaker |  Ali Naqvi

Topic |  Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Critical Infrastructure

Speaker |  Abhishek Ramchandran (Penetration Testing Team Lead)

Topic |  A tale of blinkenlights: Hacking ICS 101

                                                                         About Ajoy

Ajoy is an industry professional with over 20 years in information technology, technology risk, and cyber security.  He has a deep understanding of several financial industry regulatory obligations and skills to balance needs of diverse business needs. Ajoy thrives in building security programs from the ground up and driving them to maturity.  At DTCC, he has combined First and Second Line security functions, this combined organization has enabled him set up a highly agile, efficient, and optimized organization. This comprehensive security organization includes all aspects of strategy, planning, organizational development, program deployment, and execution. His current role includes significant regulatory engagement across multiple business lines and supervisory agencies.

                                                                          About Abhishek

Abhishek Ramchandran is an ethical hacker and cybersecurity researcher with seven years of collective experience in the topic areas of web application and network security testing, red team engagements, and Operation Technology (OT) security testing. He currently leads a team of offensive security researchers at Siemens Technology USA that focus on hacking Siemens products, services, and software. His current research involves finding new ways of hacking industrial control systems (ICS). Prior to joining Siemens, Abhishek earned his master’s degree in cybersecurity from NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

                                                                          About Ali

Ali is a manager at Consolidated Edison Company of New York, with their Cybersecurity Operations Center. There, he leads cybersecurity incident response teams and critical infrastructure cybersecurity initiatives. Prior to working in cybersecurity, Ali lead teams in the electrical side of the ConEd business. Ali believes that critical infrastructure security requires a strong understanding of both modern IT security principles and operations technology ‘OT’ traditional engineering expertise.

                                                                         About Stephen

Stephen is the co-founder of Zellic, a premier blockchain security firm securing over $3B of locked on-chain value. Previously, he worked at Vector35 on Binary Ninja and at Dataflow Security as an iOS vulnerability researcher. Stephen is also an avid CTF player and a founder of Perfect Blue, one of the world's top CTF teams.

Speaker |  Kurt Rosenfeld (Software Engineer)

Topic |  Robustness of Time Services

                                                                          About Kurt

Kurt Rosenfeld develops distributed systems at Google. His current focus is clock synchronization. In the past, he worked on distributed locking (mutual exclusion) and large scale asynchronous data distribution. Prior to Google, he completed his doctorate at NYU Tandon School of Engineering with a focus on security.

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