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AI vs. Humans

AI vs. Humans is a hardware security challenge contest co-located with CSAW 2022 for defeating artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools developed for hardware security. In this competition, participants can play the role of a defender, attacker, or both! The objective for the attacker is to inject stealthy hardware Trojans that evade state-of-the-art AI-based detection tools. For the defender, the objective is to generate test patterns that detect our AI-generated Trojans.

The participants are encouraged to use tools and techniques of their choice, such as heuristic-based, simulation-based, or even formal tools. In addition, they can be affiliated with either industry or academia.

The competition is designed to mimic real-world scenarios where an attacker can inject Trojans to cause damaging consequences ranging from altering the chip's functionality and leaking sensitive data, such as cryptographic keys, to causing denial-of-service attacks. The participants will be provided small-sized designs to implement/test their techniques, inspect the performance by interacting with AI-based tools, and subsequently improve scalability for large-sized designs.

The competition winners will be honored in person at the CSAW award ceremony in November in New York City, New York.


competition timeline

9 September 2022
8 October 2022
10 October 2022
9 November 2022
Competition Launches
Qualifying Round Deadline
Finalist Notification
The Finals

2022 competition organizers

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Warm up

2022 warm-up Paper (Attacker)
2022 warm-up Paper (Defender)
2022 warm-up Tutorial
2022 warm-up Sample Designs (Attacker)
2022 warm-up Sample Designs (Defender)