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BioHack 3D


BioHack 3D is a collaborative endeavor brought to you by the Center of Cyber Security at New York University Abu Dhabi (CC-NYUAD), Bioengineering program in the Division of Engineering at NYUAD, Advanced Manufacturing Workshop at NYUAD, and NYUAD iGEM team. All under the umbrella of Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) 2024.

Throughout this action-packed day, you'll be guided through the inner workings and vulnerabilities of Biochips. You'll receive expert instruction on the fundamental principles of biochips, equipping you with the knowledge and resources needed to unleash your creativity. Your mission? Brainstorm ingenious attacks on biochips, cunningly designed to slip past post-manufacturing security checks unnoticed.

Once your team has crafted your audacious attack plan, it's time to implement it! You'll have hands-on access to the advanced manufacturing workshop to test out your attack. Finally, you will prepare a report to be submitted the day of the hackathon and on the basis of which you will be judged. Will your idea steal the spotlight and earn you the coveted BioHacker title and be the BioHack3D Champion? 

The stakes are high! The winning team will walk away with a thrilling $500 Amazon gift card. The runner-up team will be honored with a special mention. Plus, all participants will proudly receive a certificate of participation to commemorate their journey into the future of biochip security.

Hurry, spots are limited, and the BioHack 3D adventure awaits! Secure your team's place today. Don't miss out on this exhilarating opportunity – register now and let your imagination run wild!

competition timeline

20 October 2023
8 November 2024
Virtual Qualification Round
Final Round

Teams are required to respond to five open-ended questions, sharing insights on their experience with 3D printing and proposing potential attack strategies. Additional information regarding the specific attack and defense strategies for the BioHack3D competition will be disclosed to the teams that successfully clear the qualifying round. 


Additional Information

 BioHack3D will take place on the 8th of November from 10 am to 6 pm under CSAW'24 in close collaboration with the NYUAD-Bioengineering Program, NYUAD-Advanced Manufacturing Workshop, and NYUAD-iGEM Team. Participants from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will engage in a combined workshop and hackathon facilitated by the AMM team, offering hands-on training on the operation of 3D printers. Teams will then be challenged to hack the 3D printer and compromise the integrity of a printed object designed to withstand mechanical loads, essential for executing a bio-protocol critical for biological computing on a microfluidic biochip. Every team is required to compile and submit a detailed report, adhering to the provided format, encapsulating their results and findings from the BioHack3D competition for the final assessment.

Additional Information

Judging criteria and Rubrics

Judging Criteria and Rubrics

A total of 100 points are available:


Printing time (25%): The evaluation of teams' performance in the BioHack3D competition will be based on the printing time required for their manipulated printed objects.

Compressive load test (25%): The compromised object will undergo a displacement-controlled compression test. Teams will earn more points if their objects exhibit increased deformation at a given displacement.

Weight test (25%): The printed objects will undergo a weight test, compared against a benchmarked object. Teams whose printed objects have minimal weight differences from the benchmark will be awarded more points.

Feasibility, Innovation, and Stealthiness (12.5%): Reports will be assessed on their practicality, the novelty of their approach, and the subtlety of their execution. Higher scores will be given to solutions that expertly balance all three criteria.

Proposed Countermeasure (12.5%): The assessment will focus on the effectiveness and applicability of the teams’ proposed strategies to mitigate identified vulnerabilities.


2023 competition organizers




Out of the five teams selected, each consisting of 2-4 members, one will be awarded a grand prize of a 500 USD Amazon Gift Card. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

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