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Logic Locking is a revolutionary technique for protecting Intellectual Property of Integrated Circuits from myriad security threats, such as reverse engineering, overbuilding, piracy, and hardware Trojan insertion. In this student-led Logic Locking Conquest Challenge, participants will attempt to attack designs locked with state-of-the-art methods. The 2020 challenge was a spotlight on Sequential Locking. Participants  provided with a selection of locked sequential designs (netlists) with varying complexity and key sizes.

competition timeline

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Competition Details & Registration Opens:

TBD 2021

Challenge Launch: 

TBD 2021

Submission Deadline:

TBD 2021

Finalist Notification:

15 October 2021

Virtual Final Presentations & Demos:

10 - 14 November 2021

Virtual Award Ceremony

14 November 2021

Presentation details to be released at the point of Finalist notification if not earlier.  


competition details

2020 finalists & winners


competition organizers

The Logic Locking Conquest is organized by Professor Ramesh Karri, researcher, Dr. Ben Tan, and PhD researcher, both from NYU CCS,  and Moshiur Rahman from the University of Florida. 

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Thank you to the National Science Foundation for their generous support of this competition