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Fuzzing Competition

Fuzzing Competition, also known Securing Open Source Software Competition, hosted by ForAllSecure, will teach students about fuzz testing and will give them the tools needed to find security exploits in open source software. From there, the game is on: students will to fuzz open source projects by integrating ForAllSecure’s Mayhem, and find defects (maybe even zero-days!).

2021 Winners
Challenge Writers

competition timeline

5 September 2022
24 September 2022
1pm - 5pm EST
22 October 2022
11 November 2022
Registration Opened
Mayhem Fuzzing Virtual Training and Kickoff
Finalists Notified
Final presentations in New York; selection of winners

2022 competition organizer

2021 Finalists

About our sponsor


ForAllSecure's mission is to automatically test the world's software for exploitable bugs. The company has been applying its patented technology from over a decade of CMU research to solving the difficult challenge of making software safer. ForAllSecure has partnered with Fortune 1000 companies in aerospace, automotive and high-tech industries, as well as the US Department of Defense to integrate Mayhem into software development cycles for continuous security.

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